Q1: Does Joshua Thomas MD PLLC accept my insurance?

  • No. This practice is not in network with insurance companies, Medicaid or Medicare and patient are billed directly for services
  • We do provide billing statements upon request to file for reimbursement however reimbursement varies by plan and we can not make guarantees on the whether you can expect reimbursement.

Q2: Will I see Dr. Thomas, or will I see a student, nurse practitioner or physician assistant?

  • Dr. Thomas is the only provider and he will personally provide the care.

Q3: Why are there 2 sessions for the initial evaluation of children and adolescents?

  • Dr. Thomas believes it is important to have a session with parents/caregivers of the child alone so parents can speak freely about their concerns and collaborate with Dr. Thomas on a treatment plan.
  • For children 11 year old and under, Dr. Thomas will meet with the parents first to collect information and help the parents prepare their child for the second visit. At the second visit, Dr. Thomas will meet and evaluate the child and discuss treatment options with the parents.
  • For adolescents 12 years old and older, initially he will meet with both parents and child at the first session and spend the remainder of the time collecting information from the child. The second session is spent entirely with the parents to collect more information and collaborate on a treatment plan.

Q4: Does Dr. Thomas only prescribe medications?

  • No. Dr. Thomas can prescribe medications as part of your treatment. He can also provides psychotherapy and make recommendations in regards to healthy life style changes.

Q5: What is Dr. Thomas’ approach to mental health care and treatment?

  • Dr. Thomas understands the concerns many have in getting mental health treatment. Dr. Thomas will start by learning from you the unique medical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual components of your physical and mental health. He will collaborate with you in regards to treatment options which may include medication, therapy, and healthy life style changes. Dr. Thomas’ goal is to provide you the information needed so that you can make the right decision for you and your family.

Q6: Does Dr. Thomas prescribe controlled substances?

  • Yes. Controlled substances can be an important and safe part of treatment, however great care and caution is utilized in prescribing these medications. If these medications are requested or prescribed, Dr. Thomas will request medical records from your other physicians and review your  prior prescriptions for controlled substances utilizing the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program. Additionally, Dr. Thomas will often prescribe alternatives to controlled substances when appropriate.

Q7: Does Dr. Thomas provide medication samples?

  • No. Dr. Thomas has a strict policy when it comes to his interactions with the pharmaceutical industry. He does not accept samples, gifts, free lunches/dinners or other incentives from pharmaceutical representatives. This allows him to provide care focused only on the goals of his patients. Dr. Thomas will do his best to prescribe affordable treatment options to his patients.
  • openpaymentsdata.cms.gov- is a website to search payments made by drug and medical device companies to physicians and teaching hospitals.