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It’s not always easy finding the right mental health provider. Dr. Thomas provides compassionate and collaborative care that’s tailored to your values and needs.

 Dr. Thomas has treated patients from all walks of life. He specializes in the following areas:


  • Treatment of Professionals– Dr. Thomas trained at the Menninger Clinic’s Professionals in Crisis program where professionals (CEOs, Doctors, professional athletes, lawyers, etc) come to seek mental health care.

  • Women’s Mental Health and Reproductive Psychiatry- Dr. Thomas’ training at The Women’s Place, a clinic that focuses solely on women’s mental health, provided him with the experience and knowledge to treat mental health issues that are unique to women

  • HIV/AIDS Psychiatry– Dr. Thomas provided mental health care for those living with HIV and AIDS at the Thomas Street Clinic in Houston.

  • Veterans– Dr. Thomas trained at the Michael E Debakey Veteran’s Affairs Hospital where he treated the men and women who bravely served our country who were suffering from wounds that are not always visible.