Direct Pay Model


Joshua Thomas MD PLLC is not in network with insurance companies. Instead, patients are directly charged for services provided.  By using a direct pay model, it allows Dr. Thomas and his patient’s several advantages:


  • New patient appointments available as soon as 2 weeks

  • Longer appointment times for Dr. Thomas and his patients to get to know each other

  • Patient’s have direct access to Dr. Thomas

  • Dr. Thomas personally provides care to all of his patients

  • Dr. Thomas can focus on not only the recovery from mental illness, but the ongoing promotion of mental health care

  • Quality care for patient’s that do not have mental health coverage 

  • Shorter wait times

  • Dr. Thomas can provide medication management as well as talk therapy to his patients


Professional Fees:


New Patient Appointments

  • Adult: 60 minutes appointment ($325)

  • Children and Adolescents: 120 minutes appointments ($575)


Follow Up Appointments

  • Medication Management appointments (times vary)- $150/session

  • Psychotherapy appointments (50 minutes)- $250/session